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About Us

We have the Vision, Experience and the knowledge.
Lead with Strategy, Innovate with Design, Create with Development.

We served Oil And Natural Gas Corporation Limited for six months. During the period we have developed 2 large scale web applications with high-end Input and Output capabilities. And 2 small scale web applications that offer attractive user interface which help the organization to manage their work more efficiently.
All the members of Next Vision have the experience of working on industry level software and applications.

With the help of that experience we able to make the vision and now we are here to serve you.

We all are completed our master degree in Master Of Computer Application (MCA), so you don't have to worry about the end product that we will deliver to you.

Sevrices we offer

We offer a wide range of services to suit your individual goal from reaching people on the web to get attract toward you.

  • website designing Website Designing

    Let Our Design influence Your Business, Brand and Customers. Grow your business with our professional designs that suit your need. We stay updated with the latest design trends and create new ways to build websites. Our designs are responsive for viewing on any device and are optimized for speed and search engines.

  • application development Application Development

    We offer a verity of application from the desktop application to web based applications using the latest technology. We define the process of building application as Listen, strategize and implement. Once we have a clear idea of where we are headed and what we want to accomplish, we strategize an approach together, setting a timeline of milestones and goals.

  • Website development Website Development and Hosting

    We develop application software which you want to run on the web platform. Mostly many industrial software requires intranet / internet connectivity to spread the work within the organization. We provide hosting to your existing working website. If you need the cheap hosting plan than your existing hosting provider feel free to contact us and host your website on our servers. Special hosting plans available for small scale websites.

  • Software solutions Software Solutions

    We break down your brand and find out what story your audience is resonating with. Then we help you tell that story in a beautiful way. A Technical solution to reduce your computing time and increase your efficiency toward the work. We specialize in front-end development, cms development, support and maintenance as well as development consulting for clients who would like advice and direction.

  • Digital Marketing Digital Marketing

    We research trending keywords, hashtags, articles, and content to engage with your audience, and boost your search engine rankings to increase sales conversions. We utilize all avenues to promote your business. We love to use social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Google+ wherever your brand has the most engaged audience, we’ll use those platforms to cultivate and connect with your following. We optimize for SEO and SEA. Perhaps it is wise to advertise in order to bring your website to your audience's attention.

  • Search Engine Optimization Offers For Small Businesses and Non-Profit Organizations

    We love to work for you to grow your business with our ideas. We offer interactive offers for the small business who are seeking their first step ahead in the world of web. We understand your problems and your incompatibility with the technology that’s why we are here to help you to reach your goals through the web. We respect and support non-profit organizations who continuously work for the society without making any kind any of profit in mind. We offer best packages which can be afforded by such NGOs.

Available Website Designs

We are always ready with trending designs which will suits your requirement and gives you the better experience.

We have the following categories which can fulfil your requirement.

Product Advertisement, Portfolio, Restaurant, Resort, Newspaper, Marketing, Wedding, Creative Agency, Software, Bar, Café, Recording Studio, Photography, DJ, Interior Designer, Personal, Security Agency, Civil Construction, Community, NGO.